The Nigerian Association in South Australia (NASA) was first registered and incorporated on the 3rd of October 1985 as the Nigerian-Australia Association of South Australia (NAASA).  During this period, there were only a few Nigerians in South Australia (SA), mostly living in Adelaide. These few Nigerians socialised regularly and supported each other while creating awareness to the Adelaide community about the diversity of the Nigerian culture initially through multicultural activities with other African countries. During these times, the Nigerian Independence Day anniversary was and still is the main annual event of the group of few Nigerians in SA.

In September 2001, the NASA constitution was adopted, giving birth to a more structured community of practice with clearly laid out objectives and purposes. The constitution defines the ethics of the association, right of members, financial practices and the functions and powers of each role within the executive committee. The NASA bank account and letterhead papers was set up.

Up to 2009, the tenure of the executive committee is one term. From 2010 the electoral committee decided to move the tenure of the executive committee to a two-year term for better continuity and stability. The following members of the community led the executive committee historically: Dr Chris Obi (2008), Dr Mofe Ogusi (2009), Mr Toyin Adejoro (2010-2011), Dr Sumbo Ndi (2012-2015), Mr Wole Odusanya (2016-2017), Mr Mike Amanze (2018-2019) and

In 2010, NASA designed its official logo and seal, its first website – The association was incorporated formally and the new name Nigerian Association in South Australia NASA) was registered. The association’s ABN registration completed, and the website was redesigned and re-registered in 2013 as

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census, an estimated 80 Nigerians lived in SA in 2001. These estimated statistics rose to 150 in 2006, then to 600 in 2016. An increase with migrants arriving from Nigeria into Adelaide has seen a significant growth of the Nigerian community.

To date, there are nearly a thousand residents of SA whose country of birth is Nigeria (extrapolating from the average increase every four years). The majority of these people live in Adelaide.

NASA is a member of the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia (MCCSA)

NASA Soccer team posing after a match during the African soccer league in 2010 (Source: NASA records)

2012 Christmas pageant Adelaide (Source: NASA records)

2013 Australian Day parade in Adelaide (Source: NASA records)